Lennox Furnace Repair Toronto: Get Your Home Warm and Toasty

Don’t face another chilly room in the middle of a Toronto winter. Trust an expert to repair your furnace and bring back the warmth you need to feel extra cozy this season.

At Climate Experts, we provide the best Lennox Furnace Repair Toronto services for all homes and businesses.

Whether your furnace just doesn’t run like it used to, or it’s stopped working altogether, a professional is standing by to help fix the issue. Reaching out right away can help prevent long-term damage and ensure you warm up in no time!

What Are Signs You Need a Furnace Repair?

There may be subtle signs that your furnace needs to be serviced, and catching them early can be the greatest way to prevent any unnecessary complications.

The good news is that Lennox furnaces have LED lights to indicate internal troubles. Knowing how to read these lights can make it easier to pinpoint the issue.

Both LED Lights Are Out

If both of the LED lights on your Lennox furnace are not lit, then it might not have a power source. You should check the breaker to see if the switch is flipped “on.”

If the breaker flips back again after resetting it, don’t try to fix it again. This means there may be an electrical problem. Call us so one of our experts can take a look.

One LED Flashes Slowly

One slowly flashing light while the other remains stable warns of a potential carbon monoxide leak.

You should never attempt to repair any issue with your furnace’s gas fixture alone. Shut off the power, and call a professional right away.

One Light Blinks Quickly, The Other Slowly

This reading indicates a problem with your furnaces power source. There could be a faulty wiring connection that needs fixed.

Both Lights Flicker Slowly

When the furnace’s blower motor stops working, the lights will dull to a slow flicker. Since this device is what produces heat in the first place, you’ll need an expert to identify why it’s stopped working.

One Light Is Blinking On and Off Rapidly

If there’s an issue with your Lennox furnace’s control board or circuitry, then this may occur. Never attempt to dismantle it and fix the problem yourself. Play it safe, and let a professional fix the issue.

One Light Flashes Slowly, the Other Rapidly

When your furnace’s limit switch stops working, or it’s not receiving enough electricity, the lights can do this. Let us know what’s happening, and we’ll be there to look ASAP.

Lights Alternate Slow Flashes

If you notice both of your furnace’s LED lights alternating in slow blinks, there could be trouble with the gas valve or gas supply. Alternatively, the ignitor control might be malfunctioning. Shut off the furnace’s power, and call us at  1-855-241-7171 right away.

Not sure what the problem is? We can help. Schedule a service call with the Climate Experts today!



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